Our Menus


Full English in a Box (Meat/Vegetarian/Vegan Options) // Breakfast Rolls (Meat/Vegetarian/Vegan) // Avocado Smash Pots // Granola, Yoghurt + Berry Pots // Vegan Chia Pots // Berry Pots // Fruit Salad // Breakfast Bars // Ginger Shots // Assorted Croissants, Danish Pastries + Muffins // Bananas + Satsumas // Fruit Basket // Cold Fresh Juices // Pancakes with Fresh Berries & Maple Syrup//Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese & Chive Bagels

Tomato Ketchup/Mustard/HP Sauce/Chilli Sauce Sachets/Honey – Individually Portioned/Salt+ Pepper Sachets

Sample Hot Lunch

Meat Irish Lamb Stew + Minted Dumplings // Braised Leek // Green Bean + Savoy Cabbage Medley // Red Bell Pepper Cheeks // Soda Bread Finger // Mint Sauce Pot

Meat Hungarian Chicken Paprikash // Brown Corn Rice // Roasted Veg Medley-Beetroot // Red Bell Pepper // Aubergine + Red Onion Mix // Fresh Coriander Garnish // Chili Cornbread Slice

Fish Szechuan Sea Bass Fillet // Rice Noodles with Black Onion Seeds // Sweetheart Cabbage // Macho Peas // Maple Roasted Carrots // Gyoza

Fish Salmon Filet Saganaki with Feta Cheese Crumble // Wild Black & White Rice // Carrot & Orange Puree // Garlic French Beans // Vegan Cream of Leaks // Sriracha Sauce Pot

Vegetarian Winter Vegetable Vertical Gratin with Gruyere + Thyme // Cream of Spinach // Roasted Veg Medley – Beetroot, Red Bell Pepper, Aubergine + Red Onion Mix // Sage + Red Onion Stuffing Ball // French Mustard Drizzle Pot

Vegetarian Winter Vegetable + Silton Pasty // Cheese + Chive Sauce // Sweet Potato + Paprika Mash // Cream of Spinach // Roasted Spicy Radishes // Cinnamon Spiced Pumpkin Mash // Pak Choi

Vegan Sicilian Meatloaf with Fresh Rich Tomato Sauce // Broccoli Florets // Paprika Butternut Squash Moons // Half Roasted Chive Tomato // French Mustard Pot

Vegan Chili Tofu Enchiladas // Herbed Mixed Beans // Sweetheart Cabbage // Macho Garden Peas // Maple Roasted Carrots

Sample Desserts

Chocolate Orange Dessert // French Apple Tart // Cheesecake // Chocolate Fudge Cake // Fruit Pots

Cheeseboard Box: Various Types of Cheese, Pickle Pot, Crackers, Celery Sticks, Grapes, Butter Portion

Vegan + Gluten Free Carrot + Pistachio Cake // Chocolate + Coconut Tart // Raspberry Frangipane Tart

Sample Afternoon Teas – Box inc Grazing Pot

In the Box: 2 x Bridge Rolls // 1 x Small pot of Wasabi Pea Pots or Banana Chip Pots or Fruit + Nuts //

Healthy Snack AND Mini Chocolate bar

Vegetarian Tart – Vintage Cheddar Cheese // Green Pesto // Cherry Tomato + Chives

Vegan Tart – Plant Based Cheese // Green Pesto mixed with Chopped Sundried Tomato // Roasted Sweet Potato // Garnish with Chives

Crisps or Tortilla Chips or Popcorn


Electric Urn // RHB Bio Cups // Hot Flask of Waters // Expresso Machine // Stirrers // Sugar + Sweetener Sachets // Tea Bags-English Breakfast/Earl Grey/Green/Peppermint // Fresh Coffee + Bags // Nescafe Sachets // Expresso Pods // Individual Milk Pods Green + Blue // Individual Non-Dairy Milk Pods // Fruit Basket // Biscuits Individual Packs // Cold fresh Juices


Charcuterie Platter Selection of Delicatessen Meats (e.g. German Salami, Mortadella, Gammon Ham, Beef, Chorizo, French Salami & Parma Ham) with Pot of Assorted Olives

Cheese Board Assortment of Classic World Cheeses -English Vintage Cheddar, Italian Dolcelatte, French Brie, Spanish Manchego & Irish Stilton served with Quince Jelly. Selection of Crackers & Oatcakes, Celery Batons, Assorted Grapes, Chilli Jam & Chutneys. Decorated with Dried Figs, Dates & Nuts

Vegan Platter Roasted Red & Yellow Bell Pepper Triangles, Griddled Paprika Aubergine, Lemon Courgette Stick Ribbons, Asparagus, Beetroot Wedges, Maple Roasted Carrot Wedges, Cayenne Roasted Sweet Potato, Salted Spiced Almonds Pot, Mixed Olive Pot & Spiced Crunchy Chickpea Pot. Decorated with Red Amaranth & Chick Pea Shoots

English Retro Picnic Platter Mini Sausage Rolls, Scotch Egg Halves, Baby Cocktail Sausages, Cheese & Pineapple on Sticks, Gherkin Pot, Silverskin Onion Pot on a Bed of Mixed Leaves

Tapas Platter Chorizo Sausage with a Rich Tomato & Paprika Sauce, Mini Meatballs in a Sundried Tomato Sauce, Calamari with a Zesty Citrus & Herb Drizzle, Mixed Mediterranean Olives, Peppadew With Cream Cheese in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flatbreads

Crudite & Dip Platter Sundried Tomato Hummus, Mango & Chilli Hummus, Tzatziki, Cream Cheese & Chives, Baba Ganoush & Mango, Chilli & Lime Salsa with Assortment of Crudites: Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes & Peppers

Ocean Platter Smoked Salmon, Peppered Mackerel, Marinated Calamari Rings, Shell on Prawns, Lemon Wedges

Japanese Sushi Platter Selection of Mixed Fish & Vegetarian Sushi, Soy Sauce Pot, Wasabi Pot & Pickled Ginger Pot

Moroccan Inspired Platter Homemade Falafel, Harissa Hummus, Raz al Hanout Chicken Skewers, Lamb Kofta Skewers with Mint Yoghurt Dip